Study in English: Kickstart your international career in the Netherlands

The Dutch country is much more than just bicycles, canals, tulips… the Netherlands is consistently ranked #1 for the best non-native English speaking country! It’s exactly the place where you want to spend your formative years in: you will meet peers from around the world and make connections that will last a lifetime.

  1. Choose your type of higher education 

The Netherlands boasts two types of higher education: research-oriented universities, where everything revolves around theory, scientific research in  an academic setting, and universities of applied sciences, which focus on teaching professional skills, like Avans University of Applied Sciences.

Located in four cities – Breda, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Roosendaal and Tilburg – Avans is practical-oriented and prepares students for their desired professions: you will spend a significant part of your bachelor’s degree programme in the workplace, completing a work placement and a graduation internship in different international organisations whose activities are directly related to the study programmes.

2. Choose your international bachelor degree programme

Renowned for its hands-on approach and professional connections with the industries, Avans University of Applied Sciences teaches 5 Bachelor programmes in English.

In Breda, you can choose from:

  • Environmental Science for Sustainable Energy and Technology

Through internationally oriented projects, training and courses, you will learn how to solve environmental issues. You will study subjects such as  sustainable energy techniques, bio-based waste management, biomimetics, clean-up technologies, cost-benefit analysis, environmental policy and law. You can specialise by choosing 1 of 2 study tracks, enabling you to pursue a career in sustainable energy & resources recovery or water management, climate & ecosystems.

  • Finance & Control (International)

You are an ambitious student that wants to start a career in international finance. You will acquire knowledge about finance, accounting, management and develop your business skills. You will work in small groups on international business assignments. As an international financial specialist, you know how to create profitability, make investment decisions, apply risk management and present a business or export plan… You will spend 6 to 18 months abroad for internships or exchange. 

  • Industrial Engineering & Management

You are curious about companies and how they operate. You are good at solving problems and like to work in teams. The programme has an interdisciplinary approach where engineering, management, safety, communication and personal skills come together. It has its roots in technical maintenance. You will visit various companies in the Netherlands and abroad. And carry out practical assignments for them.

3. Or follow a passion for International Business. 

This programme is available in 2 cities. Although the programmes have the same name, they have a very different focus and teaching style.

  • International Business in Breda, is where you’ll focus on marketing, finance and management. This programme prepares you for a role in international management. The programme has a fixed outline of courses where you focus on different business processes in internationally operating companies. 
  • International Business in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, is where you’ll focus on marketing, sales and communication. This programme is for the entrepreneurial students that like to create their own learning path. You create an individual profile of courses that interest you. Here your lecturers are business coaches that serve as sparring partners to help you find creative solutions for the business cases you are working on with your peers. 

No matter what you focus on, Avans will help you become a successful professional.

4. Have all your questions answered

Feel free to reach out to Avans University of Applied Sciences should you have any questions. Let their students and staff guide you through the Avans experience and explore student life at Netherland’s no. 1 ranked university of applied sciences for the 6th  consecutive year. Embark on your new adventure of studying at Avans!

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