5 Tips to extend the Battery Life of your mobile devices

With the modernization in technology and introduction of groovy devices like the smartphones, tabs and lighter laptops, many features of our lifestyle have been replaced.  Furthermore, the modernization in these gadgets has only been possible with the complete transformation in the operational technology. Due to which the batteries for these devices have also changed. People usually misconceive the currently used Lith-ion based batteries with the prior NiCad batteries, where the battery needed a completely different set of procedures to operate contrary to its successor. Therefore, people need to be clarified about the myths related to the battery usage and guided properly.

The following are some set of guidelines and instructions, you must follow, to improve your battery lifetime and avoid any sort of inconveniences.

1. Avoid full discharge

Compete dsicharge, 5 Tips to extend the Battery Life of your mobile devices

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Since the older NiCad batteries had to be discharged completely before recharging it, the modern Lith-ion batteries work differently and shouldn’t be emptied all the way. In fact, completely discharging them will have an adverse effect on the lifespan of the batteries. You must consider recharging between the levels of 40-70 % with 20% in extreme cases. The manufacturers recommend discharging the battery completely, only once a month, just to let the device recalibrate its battery level.

 2. Avoid severe temperatures

Extreme temperatures, 5 Tips to extend the Battery Life of your mobile devices

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Exposure of the batteries to prolong extreme temperatures, either hot or cold, may wear them off quickly. Laptops usually get extremely hot while under load. So it would be a good practice to remove the battery while using the laptop for heavy duties. Also the smartphones get quite hot during intense gaming. Therefore, they may also be given a break during the gaming sessions to keep them cool and safe. Furthermore, the batteries are also advised to be protected from colder temperatures. So keeping a spare battery in freezer or in open surrounding with colder temperatures may be a very bad idea.

 3. Don’t leave it there for weeks

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You must never be leaving your device in a place for weeks once its charge drops down to 0%. You should recharge the battery as soon as it gets down to 0%. You don’t need to rush towards a power source to recharge your battery immediately but you must not leave it there for days either. Since leaving the battery without any charge can make it incapable of holding any charge at all.

4. Optimum charge, 50%

Optimum battery charge, 5 Tips to extend the Battery Life of your mobile devices

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Charging a battery to 100% before leaving it for extended periods of time may shorten its life. So it is advised to charge the battery to an optimum level of 50-70% before storing it in a place for months will be a good practice for the health of the battery.

 5. Allow occasional Discharge

Dsicharging the battery, 5 Tips to extend the Battery Life of your mobile devices

Courtesy: batteryfaq.net

Leaving the devices plugged to the batteries may not harm the batteries much. But it would be a good practice to discharge your devices batteries once in a week before charging it back up. This will help the batteries in holding their charge capacity.

Although, all these guidelines will help you in extending the lifecycle of the batteries but they only provide extension and not a perpetual solution. The batteries life will start shortening after a few hundreds of discharge cycles. So eventually they do require replacement over the time.

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