An Employee or An Employer: What You Wanna Be?

Employer : : Employer or EmployeeTragedy of Indian Nation

Have you ever considered that what is the biggest tragedy with our Indian Nation or I should say our Indian mothers? It is that they have always prayed to God of a better Job for their children. This mentality of our people of working under some supervision has its roots in the British Rule in the sub continent. I mean what is the fun in being servant of someone? Working for someone else goals would never give you the pleasure and Mental Satisfaction. You might say that being a director or CEO in some multinational firm is a prestigious honor. No its not!!! You would still be the servant of the owner of that firm.

The main reason for our limited thinking is our education system, yes it is!! Instead of broadening our view, it has narrowed it down. A student with an engineering degree has a dream of working in an engineering firm, MBBS degree holder wants to work in a hospital. Alternatives are not visible to them or they do not want to accept it.

Entrepreneurshipentrepreneurship : : Employee or Employer

Instead of seeking for a job, we should divert our attention to a larger perspective and that is Providing the Jobs. We have always looked toward Western world for examples, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are our ideals. We are even unaware of the fact that we have several self made billionaires in our India as well. Lakhsmi Mittal, the owner of Mittal Steel and Rakesh Jhunjhunwala are among those people whom have created their wealth by their own hardwork and struggle. Lakshmi Mittal was not born with a gold spoon  ( I would rather say a steel spoon as he is the world’s largest steal tycoon), he belonged to a middle class family and now he is the richest Indian who has remained on Forbes Billionaire list for a very long time.

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